Monday, February 22, 2016

ODA X5 BARE METAL deployment

The deployment of ODA X5 is actually, consists of 5 tasks:
  • cabling
  • power on
  • configure the network
  • deploy the GI bundle
  • Post install
In this post, I will go through the deployment process for a BARE METAL deployment.
Actually, it is already briefly documented in the setup poster avaiable via

Let' have an inner look at the process;

Before the installation:

  • Decide how many cores to enable.
  • Decide Fiber or copper network for the public network. If fiber is desired, then the InfiniBand cards with 10GbE SFP+ fiber cards
  • Determine the the DNS server's ip address (if it is availabe)
  • Determine the the NTP server's ip address (if it is availabe)
  • Request the ip addresses. 8X IP Addresses are required. 1 x Public, 1x Virutal for each node, 1xILOM + 2 scan addresses. Ip addresses should be on the same subnet. All the ip addresses must be static and Public ip addresses s should be able to be resolved from the DNS. Hostnames should be at most 13 chars.
  • Request the redundant switches for the public interfaces to prevent single point of failure.
  • Do not think about the Private ip addresses, they are configured by ODA.
  • If a custom installation is desired determine the following;
    •  Cluster name/ODA System Name
    •  Type of Configuration ,Custom?(Block size,Lang,territory,disk redundancy level, ASR configuration etc.)
    •  Mode (Bare Metal or Virtualized)
    •  Cloud Filesystem size
    •  Region, timezone, initial database name and details (RAC or single node, database name etc.)
  • Attach the Node-Storage cables:
  • Attach a monitor to the graphics card port and a keyboard and a mouse to the USB ports on Node 0.
  • Attach all power cords.

Start Storage shelves:

Start the storage server  andwait till green LEDs will stop blinking and the system processer (SP) on the nodes staying steadily lit.

Start ODA nodes:

Power of the ODA nodes by pushing the Power button on the node’s front panel.
Wait until for the green Power Ok led on the nodes to stop blinking.

Check the Storage cables:
Use "/opt/oracle/oak/bin/oakcli validate -c storagetopology" to check if te storage is cabled properly.

Configure the network:

Log in to node 1and Configure the network using the command: /opt/oracle/oak/bin/oakcli configure firstnet, select the Global option and then enter the domain name, DNS servers, host names, network interface, IP addresses for nodes, netmask, and gateway when prompted.


Deploy the Software on Database Appliance:

ODA comes OS and appliance manager (oackli) pre-installed.
so we only need to install the end-user bundle.
Download the end-user bundle from Oracle Support Note:888888.1 , copy it to node1 and unpack it using oakcli  (oakcli unpack -package /tmp/

Run the Configurator by logging into Node 0 with the root user, opening a vnc connection
Log into Node 0 of Oracle Database Appliance as the root user with the default password and enter the following commands.
# oakcli deploy

Complete the Oracle Database Appliance Postinstallation Tasks Section of :"Oracle® Database Appliance Getting Started Guide Release for Linux x86-64E22692-41"

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