Friday, April 22, 2016

EBS R12/12.2- HR ORG CHART transaction context is lost , Bug 19955094, Workaround: Use virtual hosts

Recently encountered this problem in a new 12.2.5 customer environment.
The first page of Hr Org Chart was displayed properly, but when we click on the Talent Profile or Manager Actions buttons/links, a web page was displaying the "Transaction Context is lost" error.

In this site, the EBS application tier and the Hr org Chart was deployed on the same server and the issue was actually expected one ,as it was already documented in "Transaction Context Is Lost when click on Org Chart from Talent Profile (Doc ID 1962008.1)"

The document was clearly saying something like:

The issue is that from the perspective of the browser, the server test.local is the same "server" regardless of both instances listening to different ports on the same host. To fix this issue standalone WLS server on which the orgchart was deployed, needs to be moved to a different host. As for the solution, Web Logic Server on which Org Chart is deployed needs to be on host different than instance host.
What we did?

As it was not applicable to install a new weblogic into a new server and deploy HR ORG Chart once again;

we did create a virtual host(a different hostname) in the Hr Org Chart weblogic server and added it to the managed server/or admin server which was running the Hr Org Chart application.
We also added a DNS entry for this new virtual hostname and updated the related EBS profiles to make them redirect us to this new virtual hostname for accessing the HR ORG CHART page. 
These actions made, the managed server, that was running the Hr Org Chart application to listen on the new virtual hostname as well. 
As we configured EBS profiles with this new virtual host(different than the EBS application server's hostname), the issue dissapeared. Note that, It took only 5 mins to activate this new virtual hostname.

This workaround or solution is not available in Oracle Support, so I hope you will find it useful.

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