Friday, September 23, 2016

EBS // After migrating EBS database to RAC, MTL_ONLINE_TRANSACTION_PUB.process_online returns false // no manager

You may encounter weird erros on workflow and concurrent programs like interface trip stop, after migrating EBS database to a RAC environment running on traditional servers or on Exadata.
These problems are encountered when you enabled  load balancing database connections for Concurrent Managers (s_cp_twotask) -- not related with Parallel Concurrent Processing.

These types of problems are due having application tier processing which need to be on a single database node, to span on multiple database nodes.
Thanks to EBS, we have profile("Concurrent:TM Transport Type") to workaround this situation, as per explained in one of my previous blog post,  which was about an error in "Wf_engine_Util.Function_Call".

Same fix, still applies with the Interface Trip Stop.
As for the solution, We set Concurrent:TM Transport Type to "QUEUE" ,as normally Transaction Manager uses DBMS PIPEs (When, Concurrent TM Transport Type is set to "PIPE") to communicate with with the Service Manager, and any user process initiated by Forms, or Standard Manager requests. DBMS_PIPE is by design requires the sessions which there is a need for establising a communication between eachother , to be in the same instance.As, DBMS_PIPE is a package that lets the sessions in the same instance to communicate using Oracle Pipes, using them in a RAC environment is not acceptable. That's why we set Concurrent:TM Transport Type to "QUEUE" in RAC environments unless we have multiple application nodes which have concurrent manager services dedicated to their own database instances.

Anyways, lets give the problem and the solution;
The related error in interface trip stop is as follows;

InterfaceTripStop: processing stop_id 4656255 for INV OM DSNO
no. of OE messages :
MTL_ONLINE_TRANSACTION_PUB.process_online returns false
Error Code:İşlem işlemcisi hatası
Error Explanation:Bu talebi işlemek üzere bir eşzamanlı yönetici tanımlanmadığından talep işlenemiyor.

This error message is Turkish :), but it just means not concurrent manager and blabla...

Action Plan:
  1. Stop Concurrent managers and workflow service components
  2. set the Concurrent:TM Transport Type to "QUEUE",
  3. Restart apps tier + db (if possible)
It is also good to recreate the Concurrent Manager views using  FNDLIBR "FND" "FNDCPBWV" apps/<passwd> " SYSADMIN" "System Administrator" "SYSADMIN" (just in case)

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