Thursday, September 8, 2016

EBS R12/11i - After Disabling SSL on Apps Tier, " SSL handshake failed: SSLProtocolErr" in Workflow Mailer logs

A new customer reported a quite new problem :)
The situation was a little strange. The Workflow Notification Mailer was trying to do some https/SSL work altough it was never implemented for it.

The issue have started after disabling the SSL/HTTPS on EBS apps tier.
After this change EBS url 's have changed back to http, but the mailer strangely tried to do some ssl works and encountered error, as we have seen the following line in workflow mailer's log;

getFormattedMessages()]:Problem getting the HTML content ->$FormatterSAXException: Problem obtaining the HTML content -> Unable to invoke method HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.Get caused by: SSL handshake failed: SSLProtocolErr

So , it was obvious that Workflow mailer was trying to use some EBS framework agents and but altough the url's of these agents were updated to be http, the mailer was still trying to reach them through https.
Why mailer trys to reach the EBS framework agents is another subject, and I have already explained this in my earlier posts (just search my blog with "workflow mailer" search key, and you ll find lots info regarding it.)

Diag and thing tried:
Anyways, restarting the apps tier, the db or the mailer itself does not solve this issue.
All the context files in the filesystems,  the context files stored in FND_OAM_CONTEXT_FILES table and all the related profiles, which was in the form of a url, was appropriately set to http.
After some diagnostics, I have found that actually the new worklow emails were successfully delivered, but some of the old ones were not.
So, the problem was in the mailer queues, I mean queues like wf_deferred, workflow_notification_out. It seemed that the EBS framework agent's url which was  with https when these problematic messages were queued, are still there in the queues.
So the mailer was seeing this info from the queues and altough the agent's url was changed, it was still trying to reach the agents using the old saved https url.

Anyways, this is actually expected, but not very accurately documented.
The fix was rebuilding the queues.
For rebuilding the queues,  the Oracle Support Document: named "How To Rebuild Mailers Queue when it is Inconsistent or Corrupted? (Doc ID 736898.1)"  is good to follow.
The problem is also written there,

Look ->When you changed profile option "WF: Workflow Mailer Framework Web Agent", but messages in mailer's queue still refer to the old value. "In such situations, mailer's queue must be rebuilt."

The action plan:
Take a backup (just in case)
Stop the WF mailer
Follow note 736898.1 and rebuild the queues ( you will use wfntfqup script -> sqlplus apps/<apps_pwd> @$FND_TOP/patch/115/sql/wfntfqup APPS <apps_pwd> APPLSYS)
Start the WF Mailer.

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