Sunday, October 16, 2016

EBS 12.2 - Turkish Reports Image problem - REP-0069, REP-62204, REP-50125, REP-002

Recently got an reports issue on EBS 12.2 (the exact version was 12.2.4 ). The issue was, related with the images that were attached to the Oracle reports, which are configured to be executed by the Concurrent Managers. The issue appeared only when the users, who are submitting the related concurrent programs , logged in Turkish.

The reports (REP*) errors reported in the error logs were;

REP-0069: Dahili hata (it is turkish, it means internal error)
REP-62204: - Unable to render RenderedOp for this operation. resmi yazılırken dahili hata.
REP-0069: Dahili hata (it is turkish, it means internal error)
REP-50125: İstisna saptandı: java.lang.NullPointerException
REP-0002: Unable to retrieve a string from the Report Builder message file.

Anyways, when I did my research , I saw that the issue was already documented in MOS note : Turkish Program Error REP-62204: - Unable To Render RenderedOp For This Operation (Doc ID 2003254.1)

It seemed that the reports code written for image operations, we not stable to handle turkish. (I mean , when the NLS_LANG is internally set to turkish, the problems may arise on reports which configured to include images in their outpus.)

The recommended solution was actually a workaround  -> "The workaround for this issue is to recreate the report using the bundled XML Publisher / BI Publisher functionality instead."

But, who can/or wants to convert all the Oracle Reports to XML publisher/ BI Publiser reports in the middle of a project, right?

So, this is the question that made me writing this blog post.

Actually, there is a more quick and implemetable way for working around this issue.

That is, "exporting the REPORTS_OUTPUTIMAGEFORMAT to gif in the", which is located under the ORACLE_HOME/bin directory, "is also a working workaround".  
After setting this environment variable, there is no need to restart anything , just re-executing the report ( or concurrent that executes the report) is enough for getting rid of this problem.
This workaround is tested and verified.

Altough I didn't test them yet, there may be other workarounds (in -> exporting REPORTS_DEFAULT_DISPLAY=NO or exporting the NLS_LANG something other than turkish), 

Well...That is the tip of the day:) I hope, you find it useful.

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