Friday, October 7, 2016

Exadata -- About Exadata SL (Sparc Linux)

A new Exadata named Exadata SL6 seems to be released.
The names comes from the Sparc Linux(SL).
It is different than the other Exadata X machines, as in Exadata SL, Oracle uses Sparc.
It is pleasing to know that altough, Cpu Arch is Sparc, Operating System is still Linux.
The machine has Sparc M7 CPUs and these CPUs are used in compression/decompression, as well as  providing the security in CPU and increasing Sql Query performance. (software in silicon, SQL in silicon, Security in Silicon)

I would like to do a POC (EBS or Analytics) and write a more detailed blog post about it .

According to my current knowledge, the specs of the machine is as follows;

Ultra fast Sun Servers: SPARC T7-2
Fastest Processors : 32 Core Sparc
Fastest Analytics : SQL-in-Silicon
Fastest Storage : Exadata
Fastest Network : Infiniband
Most Secure : Security in Silicon
Same OS as Exadata X6: Linux
Same cost as Exadata X6

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