Friday, December 16, 2016

EBS 12.2 - ISG Metadata Provider, CASDK-0005

This will be a quick tip and it is on EBS 12.2 ISG .(Integrated SOA Gateway)

That is, you may encounter CASDK-0005 errors, while you are trying to connect to EBS 12.2 through ISG. (i.e using ICS adaptor)
So, if you see this error message; you are probably missing some required patches.

The full error message is as follows;

CASDK-0005: Verify if Metadata Provider service is deployed with alias 'provider' in Oracle E-Business Suite. Ensure that all its methods are deployed with GET verb. For possible resolution

In short, The Metada Provider should be deployed to fix this error and it is not even installed  if you don't apply the patch named  "Patch 23510855: ISG R12.2 CONSOLIDATED PATCH (ICS 16_2_5)".

--actually this patch is documented in EBS-ISG document Installing Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway, Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1311068.1) and it is mandatory, but still; I want to underline this patch, as I m facing the CASDK-0005 errors in some ISG implementations.

The action plan for solving this problem is as follows;
  1. apply the patch 23510855 to EBS 12.2 instance..
  2. connect to EBS
  3. use ISG responsibility to open the Integration Repo
  4. Hit the search button
  5. Search for %Meta% (this will return Metadata Provider)
  6. Click the on the name
  7. Open the REST Web service tab.
  8. Choose all methods displayed there.
  9. Click the deploy button.

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  1. Great !! I am as well having the same issue. I have asked to apply the patch. Will update once done and tested.


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