Tuesday, January 31, 2017

EBS 12.2 - About Java Visual VM -- jvisualvm

Here is very interesting tool that comes by default with the EBS 12.2 installation.
It is called Java VisualVM(jvisualvm) and it is a GUI that gives us detailed info about Java applications running on a given JVM.
Using jvisualvm, we can do monitoring, troubleshooting, and profiling. For example, we can check heap sizes of oacore server, we can trigger garbage collector or we dump java threads.
In EBS 12.2, the jvisualvm is located under $COMMON_TOP.

We can use it via a Vnc session. All we have to do is to execute "$COMMON_TOP/util/jdk64/bin/jvisualvm"
  Java Visual VM initializing...

Monitoring Tab for Oacore Server

Check Java SE documentation for further info:

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