Wednesday, January 4, 2017

RBMS -- 8i to 11gR2 database link , Oracle Client-Server / Dblink compatability revisited

A few years ago, I wrote an article on building database links between 11gR2 and 8i databases.
Here is the link of that article:
That article was focusing on building a db link from an Oracle 11gR2 Database to Oracle 8i Database and today I m revisiting it to give you an additional info on the matter.
Fortuneatly, the same principle and method work for the database links which are defined from 8i databases to 11gR2 databases.
I mean , we can use an intermediate database to reach a 11g(11gR2) database from a 8i database and we use the synonym method documented in "" for reaching a 11g database from a 8i database using a db link.

So the intermediate(10g or 9i) database + synonyms make 11g to 8i and 8i to 11g database links to work.
Info: This is tested and verified.

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