Saturday, January 28, 2017

RDBMS -- licensing - 10 days rule

In this blog post, I will give you an info about licensing.

It is a crucial info for some of the Oracle customers, because a misunderstanding of it, may bring them in a situation where they will find themselves lacking the database licenses.

I m writing about the "10 days rule", because I heard the people speaking about it and I witnessed that they are getting it wrong. This misconception is mostly on the Dataguard licensing side...

Anyways, 10 days rule says: "you can use your cold failover node (the passive one) as unlicensed for up to total of ten seperate days in any given calendar year".

However, this cold failover environment used in the sentence above, is actually used for describing the passive nodes in active-passive Clustered environments, such as a Windows cluster.

Morever, this rule is only applicable for the cluster environments,on which the nodes have access to one Single Storage/SAN. Well... 10 days rule has nothing to do with dataguard/standby licensing, even if the standby in question is what it is called as a cold standby, which is not used as the primary at all.

In summary, if you have a standby database, then you need to get license for it. (even if you don't use it as a primary database at all)


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