Thursday, March 9, 2017

OAM -- EBS Home Page, login error, unexpected error, throubleshooting with Http Trace.

This is not the first unexpected problem that I have encountered during EBS and OAM implementations.
Yes.. This blog post will be about an issue that I have encountered after integrating an EBS 12.1 instance to OAM+OID environment.

I m writing it, because I want you to be aware of the diagnostics that can be done in such situations.

Let's start to our real life story...

I integrated EBS 12.1 successfully to the OAM and I could able to link our EBS users to OID accounts using EBS auto link feature.
However, after authenticating our users, I have ended up with an unexpected Error just after OA Home Page redirection.

The error that I encountered in EBS Home Page was as follows;

Yes, the error I was getting, was on a confirmation popup and yes it was in Turkish Language.. (actually later I realized that it could not be changed as it was statically written in Turkish language)

The error I was getting can not be found anywhere. (Oracle Support , or anywhere on the internet)
There were no errors in Webgate, AccessGate, EBS oacore, OAM managed server or OID managed server logs.
I was stuck. No clues in the server logs, no problems reported in anywhere...
At that point, I decided to get a HTTP trace on our client.
I dowloaded and installed Fiddler ( and started tracing. I reproduced the error and look what I 've found there in the Fiddler's trace file.

Well... I clicked on the page url listed in Fiddler, then I checked the Textview tab and saw the same error message written there.. The error message that I was getting in the EBS Home Page...

The error message was written inside a script and that script was clearly a custom one which was basically added to the standard code.

The script was written to check the and raise error accordingly.

The first thing that came to my mind was the personalizations. Some early developer must have added this script to the EBS login page, and that script must not have been compatible with the OAM login.

In order to be sure, I disabled all the personalizations by setting Disable Self-Service Personal profile to Yes and retried the login.
That was it! I could login without any problem. I could even logout without any problems :)
At the end of the day, I forwarded this problematic personalization to the development team, as it was required to be modified.

You see what a little customization can do?
You see how a simple http trace can save our day? ( or let's say Http Web Debug)
You see the things that being an Apps DBAs requires? ( I mean the ability to narrow down the issue, choosing the right tool in the right time & place, the ability to learn and use any tool, when it comes to EBS diagnostics..)

That's it for now. See you in my next articles.

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