Wednesday, June 21, 2017

EBS -- there will be a major EBS release beyond 12.2!

EBS Product Development (Cliff Godwin, Oracle SVP) has announced the roadmap for EBS.
According to this updated roadmap, there will be a major EBS release in the future. Maybe this release will be EBS 12.3 :)

Anways, the up-to-date roadmap, also includes the support information.
According to this support information;
EBS 12.1 will be supported through Dec 2012.
EBS 12.2 will be supported through Sep 2023.
The new future relase (12.?) will be supported through 2030.

I have a feeling that this new major release will be announced in 2019-2020. ( as it ll be supported through 2030 --10 years minimum support..)

So, we will see EBS on the field at least 10 more years :)

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