Friday, July 21, 2017

EBS 12.2 - after a fresh install, Appslogin is not working, is failing with java.sql.SQLException: Invalid number format for port number

We have encountered this strange problem just after a fresh EBS 12.2 installation.
HTTP Server check that was done in the last screen of the rapidwiz was failed.
The underlying database was a 12.1 RAC and that's why we first tried to solve it by analyzing the dbc files and jdbc thin urls.
We even went inside the database and checked the fnd_* (fnd_databases, fnd_listener_ports etc..) files to find a clue. We did a  full db tier check and ensured that both local and scan listeners were configured perfectly.
We recreated the topology by running autoconfigs, after truncating the fnd_oam_context_files table and the other related tables using fnd_conc_clone.setup_clean.
Nothing that we did, fixed the error that we were seeing in the apps tier autoconfig executions. was failing with  java.sql.SQLException: Invalid number format for port number.

After a long research and lots of efforts, we concluded that we were facing the problem that was documented for EBS 12.1, in an EBS 12.2 instance!

The solution was disabling java just-in-time compiler for the EBS database (alter system set JAVA_JIT_ENABLED= FALSE scope = both;)

Here is the MOS document that was written for EBS 12.1 -> Adgendbc Fails With Database Connection Failure (Doc ID 1302708.1)

We have seen this issue in a EBS 12.2 instance that was freshly installed on a Solaris 11.3.

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