Thursday, September 14, 2017

ODA X6-2M -- virt-manager display problem/garbage characters // yum install dejavu-lgc-sans-fonts

This is an important little piece of information.
This is actually about Linux KVM (Kernel Based Virtual Machine), but as I 'm dealing with Oracle, I'm looking to it from Oracle perspective.
Yes.. The new ODA X6-2M, as you may already know, gives us the option to use the Linux KVM for enabling the virtualization.
This new KVM thing (it is new from Oracle perspective) has a GUI to manage the VM environment. It is management interface that eases the administration of the KVM environment (in ODA or in anywhere else)
It is called  Virtual Machine Manager and it is executed using the command virt-manager (using root).
As it is a GUI, it needs a X environment to run it.
In Oracle Linux world, as you may also agree, we mostly use vncserver for displaying the X screens remotely.
So, we connect to the vncserver (or we can use ILOM remote connection or anything that does the same thing) and execute the virt-manager to start the Virtual Machine Manager for KVM.
The issue starts here.
After the deployment of ODA and enabling the KVM, we run the virt-manager command and we see the garbage characters.
We actually see little squares rather than the characters and fonts.
Here is an example:

So, in order to fix this, we basically need to install the fonts that Virtual Machine Manager needs.
A simply yum command can do this work and this little piece of information may save you time :)

Fix: yum install dejavu-lgc-sans-fonts
Tested & Verified in the following ODA X6-2M environment :

System Version

Component                         Installed Version    Available Version
---------------------------------------- -------------------- --------------------
OAK                                         up-to-date        
GI                                     up-to-date        
DB                                    up-to-date        
BIOS                                   38050100                 38070200          
OS                                        6.8                           up-to-date     

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