Friday, April 27, 2018

Weblogic -- Performance problem - Forms & Reports environment -- Unable to load performance pack /

Recently, analyzed a problem on a Weblogic instance.

There was a Forms & Reports - based custom program, running o Weblogic 10.3.6 and the customer was complaining about the performance.

Every single form screen was working slowly..
The problem was obvious, it was on the application tier, as there were no real database activitiy.

Customer said that, this program was previously running with 1500 users on a Oracle Application Server 10g environment, and there were no performance problems encountered there.

Weblogic instance was running on a Solaris OS.

I first checked the configuration from the weblogic console, and concluded that it was all fine.
Just in case, I increased the heap sizes of the managed servers and restarted them..However;  this action didn't solve the problem.

So I jumped into the log files.

While analyzing the WLS_FORMS.log, I saw a strange error..
Weblogic managed server was complaning about the performance pack.. It was saying "Unable to load performance pack".
When this happens, Weblogic starts to use the Java I/O, rather than the native one.

These kinds of problems, are usually caused by the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

In order to solve this; I first found the necessary shared library that is supposed to be used for enabling the native/IO - performance pack.

The name of the library, and it was located in the directory named "/app01/weblogic/wlserver_10.3/server/native/solaris/sparc64/".

I modified the <DOMAIN_HOME>/bin/ file and made the LD_LIBRARY_PATH (for the Forms server) include the location of the file.

After this modification, I restarted the Weblogic Managed server and checked the WLS_FORMS.log  file once again to see whether the error was dissapeared or not.

The error wasn't there. So , I checked the application and saw those waits were gone.. The forms screens were working perfectly fine.. :)

This was like a surgical operation , so I liked the work that I have done, and wanted to share this with you :)

Hope , you will find it useful.

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