Monday, July 9, 2018

GTECH -- Summer School -- Oracle Database & Cloud & EBS for newly graduates

Once in a year, we as GTech provide training for newly graduated engineers.

In this training, we teach Sql, PL/SQL, Oracle Database & Cloud, EBS, OBIEE, BigData, ETL and more.

This year, I was the lecturer for "Database and Cloud".

Actually, I extended the lessons a little bit by explaining the EBS System Administration Fundamentals, as well. :)

The students of the classes were so curios about databases and actually Oracle in general..

It was a honour for me to present "the introduction to Oracle Database", to explain the "Cloud terms" ( including Cloud-at-customer model) and to explain the "EBS architecture".

I tried to shed a light on the important topics like Oracle Database Server Architecture, Oracle Database Process Architecture,  background processes, High availability configurations and so on..

The list of topics covered in the training was as follows;
  • Introduction to RDBMS
  • Introduction to Oracle
  • Architecture (Oracle)
  • Installation (Oracle)
  • DBA role & DBA tools
  • Introduction to Cloud
  • APPS DBA role & EBS System Administration (EBS 12.2)

While explaing these topics, I tried to share real life stories all the time..  Tried to teach them the basics of Oracle, but I also dived deep when required.

The participants asked lots of good technical questions and these made our lessons more entertaining :)

The training for Database & Cloud lasted 3 days.

While, preparing the slides for the presentations that I have used in the training, I also wrote an exam for the students..

At the end of the training, we also gave this written examination to the participiants. (35 questions )

It was a pleasure for me to teach Oracle in GTech Academy ( GTech -- Oracle University Partner)

I hope, It was useful for these guys..
I also hope I will see them (at least some of them) as successful DBAs one day :)

Following is the picture of our class..  A good memory :)

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