Monday, July 16, 2018

RDBMS -- Be careful while activating a standby database (especially in cascaded configurations)

Recently, a customer reported an issue about a standby database, which was out-of-sync with the primary. This standby database was the endpoint of a cascaded configuration.

The cascaded dataguard configuration in that customer environment, was as follows;

Primary -> Standby1 -> Stanby2

So, the customer's requirement was to activate standby1 and continue applying redologs of primary directly to the standby2.

However; while activating, actually after activating the standby database named standby1, the customer accidentally made Standby2 to apply the redologs which were generated by standby1.

When standby2 received and applied the archivelogs from standby1, standby2 became a new standby database for standby1, and it became out of sync with the initial production database.

Interesting, right?

In order to bring the database Standby2 in sync with its original primary database, we did the following;

We used flashback database option to flashback the standby2 to the point before it applied the archivelogs from standby1

Then, we deleted the archivelogs received from standby1 and make sure that standby1 is not sending any archive logs to standby2 until it is converted back to physical standby. ( this way we could ensure that standby2 is applying the redologs only from the production database.)

Note that, if we didn't have the possibility to use the flashback option, we would have to recreate the standy database named standby2...

So, be careful while playing with the dataguard configuration.. Especially in cascaded environments... First check the configuration, then take the action.. In this real life case, the dataguard configuration was from primary to standby 1 and from standby 1 to standby 2.. So when standby1 became activated, that path "from standby1 to standby2" worked, and standby1 became the new primary for standby2.. Incarnation changed and standby2 became out-of-sync with the original primary. 
In order to prevent this to be happen, the dataguard flow(configuration) should have been changed before activating the standby1.

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