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OBIEE-- Business Intelligence Application, Component and Architecture Information

General Application Information: 

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI EE) is a comprehensive set of enterprise business intelligence tools and infrastructure, including a scalable and efficient query and analysis server, an ad-hoc query and analysis tool, interactive dashboards, proactive intelligence and alerts, and an enterprise reporting engine. 

The components of Oracle BI EE share a common service-oriented architecture, data access services, analytic and calculation infrastructure, metadata management services, semantic business model, security model and user preferences, and administration tools. Oracle BI EE provides scalability and performance with data-source specific optimized request generation, optimized data access, advanced calculation, intelligent caching services, and clustering. 

 Oracle Business Intelligence Main Components 

Oracle Business Intellıgence Publisher : 

This component provides an enterprise reporting solution for authoring, managing, and delivering all types of highly formatted documents to employees, customers, and suppliers. 

Oracle BI SERVER: 

This component provides the query and data access capabilities at the heart of Oracle Business Intelligence and provides services for accessing and managing the enterprise semantic model (stored in a file with an .RPD extension). 

Oracle BI Presentation Services: 

This component provides the framework and interface for the presentation of business intelligence data to web clients. It maintains an Oracle BI Presentation Catalog service on the file system for the customization of this presentation framework. 


This component provides extensible scheduling for analyses to be delivered to users at specified times. (Oracle BI Publisher has its own scheduler.) 


This component provides component services that enable Oracle BI Presentation Services to support various components such as Java tasks for Oracle BI Scheduler, Oracle BI Publisher, and graph generation. It also enables Oracle BI Server query access to Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle OLAP data sources.


This component distributes requests to the BI Server, ensuring requests are evenly load-balanced across all BI Server process instances in the BI domain.

Java Components:

Deployed as JEE applications to service SOAP, HTTP, and other forms of requests.


Deployed as a JEE container that runs in a dedicated Java virtual machine that contains Java components for administering the system. These components include Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console, Oracle Fusion Middleware Control, and JMX MBeans.


Deployed as a JEE container that runs in a dedicated Java virtual machine that provides the runtime environment for the Java-based services and applications within the system. These services and applications include BI Publisher and Oracle Real-Time Decisions.


Provides process management services for the Administration Server and Managed Server processes.


OPMN is a process management tool that manages the Oracle Business Intelligence system components such as BI server, BI scheduler, BI Presentation services, BI Javahost and Cluster Controller. OPMN supports both local and distributed process management, automatic process recycling, and the communication of process state (up, down, starting, stopping).

OBIEE Single Host Architecture

In single host architecture, single integrated set of manageable components called the Oracle BI domain is installed and configured to work together on a single host.

OBIEE Multiple Hosts Architecture

In multiple host architecture the Java components (WebLogic server domain) and the system components (BI instance) are clustered on each host as part of the single BI domain. The Administration Server exists on both hosts, but is only active on one host.

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