Friday, June 21, 2013

Oracle Sun Servers ( i.e Oracle Database Appliance) changing ILOM ip address

There are two sun servers/nodes in Oracle Database Appliance Machine.

To change the network configuration of the ILOM interfaces;

1)Just type ip address of the  ILOM to your browser and login page of the web admin interface will appear.
2)Login (default user = root , default password= changeme)
3)Select Configuration => Network
4) Change the ip address and save..

No need to reboot for the setting to take effect. Just open a new browser session and using  the new Ip address..

Information about Network Settings:
MAC Address : The ILOM’s MAC address is set at the factory. The MAC address is a hardware address that is unique to each networked device. The ILOM’s MAC address is provided on a label on the ILOM, on the Customer Information Sheet included on the ship kit, and in the BIOS
Setup screen.
Configuration Method :Select one of the following radio buttons to configure the ILOM’s IP
address either dynamically or statically.
Obtain an IP Address Automatically (Use DHCP) – Enables aDHCP server to configure the ILOM’s IP address dynamically.
Use the Following IP Address – Enables you to configure theILOM’s IP address with a static IP. The IP Address, Subnet Mask,and Default Gateway fields will become editable when you select this option.
IP Address: Type the ILOM’s IP address. The IP address is a unique name that identifies the system on a TCP/IP network.
Subnet Mask : Type the subnet mask of the network on which the ILOM resides.
Default Gateway : Type the ILOM’s gateway access address

Screenshot of the Network Settings Page

So , this method is based on the ILOM Web Gui..
There are other methods to change ILOM configurations as well. Like CLI..

For details, you can check Integrated Lights Out Manager

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  1. I have used this method to make changes in ILOM ip address of oracle database . I am glad to tell that this is the easiest method to perform .

    Silvester Norman

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