Monday, June 24, 2013

RAC - Error on changing public Ip address PRIF-33, CRS-02307, PRIF-32, CRS-02306

While deleting the ip configuration with "oifcfg delif -global ..." command on Rac, following errors may occur;

PRIF-33: Failed to set or delete interface because hosts could not be discovered
  CRS-02307: No GPnP services on requested remote hosts.
PRIF-32: Error in checking for profile availability for host ebsdb02
  CRS-02306: GPnP service on host "ebsdb02" not found.

The error messages are actually self explanatory : Gpnp services deamon of a remote node is not answering..

Brief explanation about GPnP;

The longname of the GPnP is Grid Plug and Play..
It s started before CSS.
This daemon plays a central role in the startup process.
If the name resolution is not working, the daemon wont start..
It defines cluster name, networks and storage.

Cause of the problem: 

A gpnp process failure on node ebsdb02. Gpnp is running on node ebsdb02 but does not answer the request coming from other nodes...


Run oifcfg command from the problematic node..  This action will be a workaround , as problematic gpnp will not be a part of the process, because the ip change command will be executed on the problematic node itself... So that node will communicate with the properly running gpnp processes on other nodes.


kill the gpnp daemon on the problematic node.
ps -ef |grep gpnp;
kill -9 {process_id}
This action will make the cluster software to restart the gpnp daemon..

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