Tuesday, October 22, 2013

EBS R12--change oacore jvm count

In EBS projects --depending on the workload-- , sometimes you need to increase the oacore process counts. There is a detailed calculation to determine the needed oacore process for an instance, but in general; it s based on the user count.. Basically user count / 100 will give you the needed oacore process count..
Note that, the memory size that you will assign to these processes are also important for determining the right process counts.

To change the oacore process count for an EBS instance;

change opmn.xml in $ORA_CONFIG_HOME/10.1.3/opmn/conf directory.

You need to change the following tag in opmn.xml;

< process-set id="default_group" numprocs="1">

In addition to that, 

Change the $CONTEXT_FILE to reflect the change and protect it against future autoconfig.

You need the change the following tag in context file;

<oacore_nprocs oa_var="s_oacore_nprocs">1 

You need to be sure that rmi and jmi port range should be arranged with the process counts..
For example: If you change the process count to 4, than rmi and jsm port range should supply 4 ports, too..

No autoconfig is needed.
If your application services are already running, you just need to reload the oacore processes using adopmnctl.sh reload command.. This will reflect the change to the oacore process which run under the control of oracle process manager..
If you application services are not running, the start them .. You will see the change in oacore process count..

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