Friday, October 11, 2013

EBS R12--Create Accounting problem //CODE_COMBINATION_ID_INTERIM

After you have installed EBS R12 and finished your implementation with finance modules, you can encounter a hang problem in your first accounting process...
The problem seems to be a hang problem , as it is caused by a logical contention between a Financial Concurrent Program and its child program..

The details about the issue are as follows;

Create Accounting concurrent program does some work and locks the table gl_interface.. After that, it  runs Journal Import concurrent program, which tries to lock GL_INTERFACE table, too.
Journal Import tries to lock gl_interface , because it is programmed to create CODE_COMBINATION_ID_INTERIM on GL_INTERFACE table.. Journal Import program takes this action if it finds that the table GL_INTERFACE does not have a CODE_COMBINATION_ID_INTERIM column..
Note that : This is not an essential column and looks more for some future functionality. There should be no loss of functionality due to its absence.So, this incident leads to a hang situation in concurrent program processing, and the accounting process never ends..
Note that : Creating CODE_COMBINATION_ID_INTERIM column on GL_INTERFACE table is possibly not a part of the standard Oracle EBS installation process, that s why the creation code is there in the Journal Import 's concurrent program code..
Anyways, as a solution, you can create CODE_COMBINATION_ID_INTERIM column on GL_INTERFACE from very beginning of the first accounting process..
As a workaround, when the issue produced and hang occurs, you can kill the Create Accounting process. This action will permit the Journal Import program to continue and create the CODE_COMBINATION_ID_INTERIM.. Once this column is created, the error will not occur on your next accounting processes..

Column specs of CODE_COMBINATION_ID_INTERIM (Note that this is taken from EBS 12.1.3)


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  2. Thanks for your feedback. I will continue to post this kind of real life experiences in this blog.


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