Monday, May 12, 2014

EBS -- 12.2 Add Custom Top

To add custom tops in EBS 12.2 , we can use adsplice utility...

Just like the method we use for the localizations we can prepare our newsprod.txt, xxcustomprod.txt and xxcustomterr.txt files beforehand, and execute adsplice to add the custom top automatically.

Adsplice runs an autoconfig at the end of its processing , and makes all the necessary declarations both in the database tier and application run filesystem. Patch filesystem will also be syncronized automatically in the first patching cycle.
newsprod.txt , xxcustomprod.txt and xxcustomterr.txt files should be in a special format.
Example files can be downloaded from Oracle Support. I suggest you to download and use the files provided by the adsplice patch (13725897)
Adsplice patch contains the necessary txt files for adding CLE application to the  EBS. So you can change the names of the files and the contents of them to install your own custom application in to EBS.
After you download the cle adsplice patch, you will have cleprod.txt , cleterr.txt and newsprod.txt files; So;

Rename cleprod.txt to xxcustomprod.txt, and modify the file
Rename cleterr.txt to xxcustomterr.txt and modify the file
Modify the newsprod.txt file

Example modified newsprod.txt:

%%% Splicer control file format 12.0.A

# Add Product,EMEA Add-On Localizations
# Table spaces may need to be editted to fit database setup
# End control file

Note that : these file should be located under $APPL_TOP/admin directory.. Also, you need to specify a unique application id in the relevant file.
So, once you complete your modifications, run adsplice utility from the $APPL_TOP/admin directory...
That's all.. Using this approach, adding a custom top is simple, and quick.. At least, I felt like that.


  1. Please share steps to create custom top in EBS R12.1.3

  2. Here, How To Create A CUSTOM Product Top Successfully Using Autoconfig in R12.1.x (Doc ID 1602124.1)


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