Sunday, May 11, 2014

EBS -- Using OVM and EBS templates Advantages & Disadvantages

In this post, I will try to specify the advantages and disadvantages of using EBS templates in EBS implementations..

In my opinion; the most important ones are the ones in bold letters below.
  • Oracle presents an opportunity to use a VM based architecture in the new Oracle Database Appliance.. Your customer may want to use this opportunity.. So having the knowledge of deploying EBS templates to Oracle VM Server may be mandatory for you..
  • Ebs templates are preconfigured, so you dont need to install OS itself and required packages. Furthermore, you dont need to create OS accounts or configure the environment for Apps and db. This saves you time and requires less labor force.
  • You dont need to install and upgrade the EBS. You dont need to build a big stage.. You dont need to dowload the patches.. You dont need to analyze the documents and fix the errors encountered on the way.. 
  • You can create new EBS instances just by creating several virtual machines from a single EBS template. This provides you easiness in management and operation.
  • When you use templates for deploying the EBS, you miss the opportunity to learn the new EBS architecture. Especially while this new EBS -- 12.2, brings a lot of innovation in to the Apps Dba 's world, you need to know your environment... Online patching, Weblogic server and etc.. When you install EBS, you play with these components ..You learn them. You fix the errors related to them. You recompile , stop and start.. You do a lot of activities, which can be needed in production..  For example, when you install EBS 12.2.0 and upgrade it to 12.2.3(which is required), you get familiar with almost all of the application components and you get familiar with the new patching tool , etc.. 
  • I didnt really make the test, but my instincts tell me that, when you use VM for EBS  you can feel a little performance decrease --when you compare it with a phyiscal machine.
  • Oracle VM templates require Oracle VM Server, which requires a complete different knowledge.. I mean, this kind of installation is not based on the Apps Dba skills.
That's what comes to my mind for now... The list can be extended.

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