Tuesday, June 10, 2014

EBS 12.2 -- Applying NLS translation patches (during a fresh install)

EBS 12.2 comes as 12.2.0 and it is mandatory to upgrade it to the 12.2.3 ..
In this context, usually, we apply NLS translation patches according to our languages before the upgrade..
So, after we apply nls translation patch in to our environment, we continue with our upgrade process. Every patch, that needs to be applied on the way , must be applied with its nls_tranlated version(if it is available)

So basically, we install our EBS 12.2.0 and patch our application components like Weblogic , Webtier home and database as required before the 12.2.3 upgrade process.

After meeting those requirements , we apply our NLS tranlation patch before the 12.2.3 upgrade as follows;

1)Download related NLS zip
2)unzip it , for ex: unzip Vpartname.zip -d $APPL_TOP_NE/../patch
3)License your language using Oracle Applications Manager
4)Maintain Multi lingual tables using adadmin
5)cd to patch directory
6)adop phase=prepare
7)adop phase=apply patches=10124646_TR:u10124646.drv (for turkish)
8)adop phase=finalize , finalize_mode=full gathers statistics to help improve performance. Finalize will take about one hour longer if this mode is specified.finalize_mode=quick does not gather statistics, and therefore completes more quickly. This is the default. So; adop phase=finalize should be run here, by default it will be quick.. (it is vision I felt no need to gather stats)
9)adop phase=cutover
10)adop phase=cleanup

Alternatively, we can upgrade 12.2.3 directly without applying the nls translations, and then request a translation syncronization patch..I mean, we can complete the American English Upgrade up to the recommended Release Update Pack level, and then upgrade our NLS software for existing languages using the Translation Synchronization Patch followed by the NLS Online Help patch.
Following document can be used in this context Requesting Translation Synchronization Patches (Doc ID: 252422.1)

So, the choice is ours..  

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