Monday, June 9, 2014

EBS 12.2-- installation, rapidwiz RW-00022 split configuration

While installing EBS 12.2 with a split tier configuration, you may encounter RW-00022 in the Filesystem precheck phase.
As known, In a split tier configuration we usually have a database tier and one or more application tiers, which reside on different servers.
Ok, I will keep it short.. So, while building a fresh splitted EBS environment, we first  invoke rapid for the database installation and install the database home and datafiles.. After the rapidwiz completes successfully, our database becomes up and running automatically.
Altough we use rapidwiz to install the database tier, we also specify some information related to potential future application tier installations. For example, Rapidwiz wants us to specify the application tier directory paths for instance.. Inst_top for example, appl_top also..
Anyways , when we supply this info, rapidwiz creates a file named config file and uploads the file contents to the database, after the database installation is finished..
In detail; rapid creates a config_{SID}.txt file in the $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil directory , and upload the file contents into the table named fnd_oam_context_files.. (Note that context files are also placed in this table)..
Afterwards, when the time comes and when we start our Application tier installation, we invoke the rapidwiz again, and this time rapidwiz wants us to supply a database connection string.. This is because rapidwiz is designed to gather the application tier configuration info by reading the config file which is created during the database tier installation. It actually connects to the database and read the fnd_oam_context_files table , checks the NAME column for a value like config.txt and read the file contents from the TEXT column.. This way, rapidwiz automatically understands where to place the application filesystems , and dont asks us to supply them again and again.. (consider a multi tier installation) It is basically an artistic design..

But what I have seen today was not so artistic :)
I mean , altough I supplied inst_top pointed to  directory /apps during the database installation, rapidwiz tried to install the inst_top into /oracle directory and encountered errors during the prereq check filesystem phase, and because there was not any directory named /oracle in my application server, the filesystem checker just wanted to create /oracle directory and it encountered permission denied errors , as /oracle was under the / directory (RW-00022 in rapidwiz world) ..

So what I did to fix this error, was just two simple modifications.
I modified the TEXT column in the fnd_oam_context_files table with Toad.. (edit fnd_oam_context_files) and corrected inst_top and related directory paths.. It was a little tricky because database directory structure information was also there..
After that I corrected the config file residing in the filesystem. I mean config_SID.txt file in $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil directory.. This was acutally not mandatory, but who knows.. Maybe one day that config file would be used again.

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