Friday, June 27, 2014

ODAVM: How to Move a User VM from One Node to another

In order to move one node to another in  ODA, we need to follow the actions below;

Firstly, we stop the vm that we want to move.. It should be offline.

Then, we connect to the dom0 of the node that the vm resides and using tar ve create a tgz file.
cd /OVS/Repositories/odarepo2/VirtualMachines/VM_MACHINE_NAME_WE_WANT_TO_MOVE
tar -zcvf /OVS/VM_MACHINE_NAME_WE_WANT_TO_MOVE-vm.tgz *img *cfg

After that; we connect to the dom0 of the node that we want our vm to be moved on..
and import the tgz we just created into our repo as a vmtemplate;
oakcli import vmtemplate OVM_VM_MACHINE_NAME_WE_WANT_TO_MOVE -files /OVS/VM_MACHINE_NAME_WE_WANT_TO_MOVE-vm.tgz -repo OUR_REPO

Lastly, we clone/create our vm from the template on Dom0 of the node we want our vm to be moved on and start the vm
oakcli start vm clone-OVM_VM_MACHINE_NAME_WE_WANT_TO_MOVE

If we encounter the following error while starting the vm;
OAKERR:7019 Unable to start VM because cpu pool default-unpinned-pool is empty
then, we configure the vm before start and identify the cpupool for it.
oakcli configure vm clone-OVM_VM_MACHINE_NAME_WE_WANT_TO_MOVE -cpupool OUR_CPU_pool..

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