Monday, June 23, 2014

OVM -- oakcli command examples

To import a Template:
oakcli import vmtemplate EBS_12_2_3_PROD_DB -assembly /OVS/EBS/Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ova -repo vmtemp2 -node 0

To list the available Templates:
oakcli show vmtemplate

To list the Virtual Machines:
oakcli show vm

To list the repositories:
oakcli show repo

To start a virtual machine:
oakcli start vm EBS_12_2_3_VISION

To create a Repository (size in gb, by default):
oakcli create repo vmrepo1 -dg data -size 2048

To configure a Virutal Machine: (cpu, memory etc..)
oakcli configure vm EBS_12_2_3_PROD_APP -vcpu 16 -maxvcpu 16 
oakcli configure vm EBS_12_2_3_PROD_APP -memory 32768M -maxmemory 32768M

To open a console for a virtual machine (Vnc required)
oakcli show vmconsole EBS_12_2_3_VISION

To create a virtual machine from a template:
oakcli clone vm EBS_12_2_3_PROD_APP -vmtemplate EBS_12_2_3_PROD_APP -repo vmrepo1 -node 1

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