Friday, July 25, 2014


One of our clients requested use captcha in a new relase EBS ( 12.2 ).

The vulnerability was critical for the customer, the severity was high . So they wanted us to provide the information about captaha ability in EBS.

Captcha was needed for the Login  and for the forgot password pages of EBS.

According to my research, I conclude that Captcha is not availabe in EBS..
Never was it, never will be in near future..
if it is a Must to use Captcha in EBS, a custom Captcha funcionality must be deleveped and deployed.

To prove my findings and SR was opened , and the response  was :

This was considered at length by development in Bug 8274552 - ABILITY TO USE CAPTCHA IN IREC DURING USER REGISTRATION. It's confusing that this is called a bug as this is not actually a product defect but in fact an enhancement request. This enhancement request was considered but has been dropped by development. So sorry, no, at this time there are no plans for EBS 12.2 to have CAPTCHA functionality on login page.

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