Thursday, July 24, 2014

EBS 11i&R12 -- Google Chrome problem (Watch out for Google Chrome updates!)

We all know , Oracle doesnt support Google Chrome , but we still use it. In most of the cases, it works well and doesnt create any problems.
We also use Google Chrome for connecting ancient EBS environments :), like connecting to a EBS 11.5.8 :)
Chrome with its EBS enablement works well in such environments too.. At least it have worked well..
Today we have seen a strange behaviour in Chrome.. That is It just could not open Forms in an environment, which was working well yesterday..
The problem was that EBS could not interact with java plugin while the forms are opening.. The little EBS page that loads the client java applet was concerning the lack of a java plugin in the browser.
After some analysis, we have seen that the Chrome browsers in these problematic clients were updated.. They were working well, so the problem must have been started after the upgrade..
So, for the solution, we downgraded Google chrome and disabled its auto updates. After downgrading everyting went back to normal:)

Here is what we have done to accomplish that;
  • We uninstall our current Google Chrome using Windows Add/Remove programs
  • We gather an older version of Chrome using Google Standalone setup. You can check the version using the following url..
  • We download the required version 's Standalone setup (ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe)
  • Then we disable auto update of Chrome using windows registry;

We put it into manual update mode:
Here is the reqistry for that:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  • Then , we install older version of Chrome that we downloaded in the first step. (before installation we disable our internet connection --just in case)
  • Lastly, we enable the Chrome EBS enablement for our newly installed Chrome using following url: enablem/ekkagabmggbmpmncofhgkfigmeldifnc

Following document explains related Windows operations..

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