Thursday, July 24, 2014

Discoverer 11g Installation Document (Weblogic installation, RCU activities, Discoverer installation and upgrade activities)

In this post, I m sharing a Discoverer 11g installation document.. It covers Weblogic installation, RCU activities, Discoverer installation and upgrade activities. This document can be considered as a filtered information .. The information provided in here is gathered from Oracle Support , but the installation screens were taken from a real life example. Thanks my collegue Hülya Yılmaz for sharing this document with us.

Note : This is the first PDF that I embeded into this site. :)

Note that:
After installing your Discoverer 11g environment, you need to create a EUL using Discoverer Admin tool. Discoverer Admin tools should be in appropriate version. Also if you have an EUL with earlier version , again you need to upgrade it using Disco admin tool.

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