Tuesday, September 23, 2014

EBS 12.2-- Output Post Processor -- java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

When we install and configure EBS 12.2, Output Post Processor(OPP) comes enabled by default, .
In generally ; we need at least one OPP process up&running in our EBS projects/environments..
Without OPP; certain concurrent programs, which need post processing, would complete with errors or their outputs would be not as what want them to be..
OPP handles the post processing actions of the concurrent programs.
As an example: when a request is submitted with an XML Publisher template specified as a layout for its output, the corresponding concurrent manager will utilize OPP to apply XML publisher template for creating the desired output.
What actually happens is -> at runtime the concurrent manager calls output post processor , and XML publisher is called . XML publisher puts the data that your program provides , into the template files. Thus you ll have rich documents/outputs in PDF, HTML, RTF, EXCEL (HTML) format, or even text format for use with EFT and EDI transmissions. 
So, while running a concurrent program that produces XML outputs to utilize the XML publisher, we ll need an Output Post Processor(OPP) to be up&running. 
So far so good.. Okay, without going into more detail, lets come back to our topic. 

As in my previous posts, the problem & fix which you will read in the paragraph below, is based on a true story :)

Last week , a concurrent program which produces XML outputs have started to get errors. The program was running without any problems till last week, but it suddenly started to complete with warnings.
when I analyze the logfile of the problematic program, I saw some error lines.. The most important clue was the line -> "One or more post-processing actions failed. Consult the OPP service log for details."
Just after seeing this line, it is needles to say that I analyzed the Output Post Processor log file.
OPP services was running as a concurrent manager with 4 processes and I could reach its log file using Concurrent Manager > Manage -forms screen.

The problem was there.. " java.lang.OutOfMemoryError"
So It was obvious that the OPP service was encountering a memory leak.

Then I used the following query to see the current memory settings of the OPP service;

SELECT service_id, service_handle, developer_parameters
FROM fnd_cp_services
WHERE service_id = (SELECT manager_type
FROM fnd_concurrent_queues
WHERE concurrent_queue_name = 'FNDCPOPP');

It was 512 MB.. The concurrent program was heavy and must be producing a big data or making heavy processing.. With this in mind, I updated the memory limits of OPP Services as follows, and then restart the concurrent managers.

UPDATE fnd_cp_services
SET developer_parameters =
WHERE service_id = (SELECT manager_type
FROM fnd_concurrent_queues
WHERE concurrent_queue_name = 'FNDCPOPP');

After modifiying the memory setting and restarting the concurrent managers, the problem dissapeared as expected.

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