Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Discoverer Desktop&Admin on 64 bit Windows

Writing this blog post, because I m still getting some requests about it, so I feel that this subject needs a clarification.

There is no 64 bit version of Discoverer client software and it seems there will never be. (at least for 10 and 11 version)
In other words; there are no plans for a 64-bit binary versions of Administrator and Desktop, because the 32-bit versions are sufficient for operations.

To make Discoverer to work on a 64 bit Windows PC (for ex: Windows 7) stably, you need to run it in Windows 32 bit mode..

("This certification is with Windows 7 in XP mode only. To configure Windows 7 in XP mode, refer to (Select 32 bit system).")

Actually, Discoverer 11g Desktp/Admin can run on Windows 64 bit.. I mean you may install and run it , but you cant get support for any installation or runtime problem.. 
Again, you need to use it in Windows XP mode to be certified.

Related Oracle Support Document: 233047.1

If you try to install on Windows 64-bit operating systems by running setup.exe from the /Disk1 directory, then you will receive a warning like the image attached below (bottom of note).
You may workaround this by installing from ..\Disk1\install\win32 and running setup.exe from there; however, as stated at this point it is specifically not certified on 64bitWindows client operating systems; therefore, we cannot accept Service Requests for functional issues.


  1. Hello,

    I was able to install Discoverer 11g on Windows 7 64-bit without problems by running setup.exe from the following location:


    It is working fine so far.
    We'll test it with Windows 8/10 as well.


    1. Thanks for your update Bashar.

    2. Hello,
      How did u manage to run the win64 version of .exe
      did u follow any steps?It gives error for me ..

  2. Hi Avik,

    I would like to see Bashar return, but why are you trying the run the setup.exe from win64 location? Why don't you use the workaround above?
    No need.
    "Discoverer Desktop Edition and Administrator Edition are 32 bit applications" anyways. There is no 64 bit version of Discoverer Dekstop/admin and there are no plans to certify a 64 Bit version of Discoverer Desktop/Admin. This means there is no point to run the installer from win64 directory. The same thing will be installed in anyways..
    The important thing is "being able to successfully install Discoverer Desktop/admin.", and that 's documented above, in the blog post.


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