Monday, April 13, 2015

EBS R12, 12.2 -- About Dynamic Image Generation

There was a Dynamic Image Generation option in 11i.
We were using it to supply an environment for the Framework applications which are capable of generating dynamic images .. In order to work properly, Dynamic Image Generation requires our middle tier access to graphical capabilities of a GUI environment framework (X Server serves this..). That is ; we had to configure a X server to accomplish this..
An example scenario for the usage of Dynamic Image Generation, could be a need to have OAF buttons displayed as images.. By making the buttons displayed as images, one can configure their sizes easily..

On the other hand; In EBS R12 or 12.2  , we don't have such an option unfortunately,
The new release, specifically 12.2.4 uses SKYROS look and feel.
There is no support for image buttons in SKYROS used by 12.2.4.
In other words; there is no option to implement Button images as in R11i using SKYROS.
For 12.1 , the situation is pretty much the same.. SWAN look and feel used in 12.1, does not support for image buttons..

So, by knowing this, we can say that playing with the button sizes in OAF pages seems to be a customization..

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