Thursday, June 18, 2015

EBS - HR ORG CHART compatability view warning

When opening to HR ORG CHART application, the IE browser shows a dialog box saying "turn off the compatability view.." 

The issue is documented in the following doc: 
Organisation Chart Prompts User To Turn Off Compatability View ( Doc ID 1565708.1 ) 

And per development, this is intended and Compatability view mode should be turned off..

On the other hand,  we suggest to apply the patch and actions in the following document: ( Doc ID 1461023.1 ) 

After Patching ADF to version a Popup Window Shows with a Warning About Running Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode. ( Doc ID 1461023.1 )

Did not try it yet, but you can try. This will probably fix the issue..
If this will not fix the issue, the updated patch -> 19300423 can also be tried.

Workaround can be;
  • Disabling compatability mode of Internet Explorer in enterprise level 
  • Using chrome or firefox.

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