Friday, June 5, 2015

EBS R12 -- frmweb consuming %100 CPU

In R12 environments, you may end up a slowness in certain forms screens which are not db bound.
I have seen this in an cloned EBS 12.1.3 instance and I can say that the slowness may be identified as analyzing the forms trace file.
Forms trace when enabled, produces a db session trace file, as you may already know.
So if your trace file does not point any  high waits for the sql statements, then you may be hitting this issue.

If you confirm your frmweb process running with %100 cpu using an Operating System tool such as top and also confirm that it is not doing anything inside the database ; then follow the action plan below;

  • increase the heap sizes in for the forms server's jvm in the context file.
  • set FORMS_CATCHTERM to 0 in the context file.
  • This variable enables or disables the Forms abnormal termination handler which captures middle tier crashes and writes diagnostic information into the dump file or the forms server log file. Allowed values are {0,1}. By default, this value is set to '1' which enables the Forms termination handler. Setting this variable to '0' disables the Forms termination Handler.

    Note 744143.1 suggests : Do not set FORMS_CATCHTERM, which means s_forms_catchterm should be set as 0.

  • Set FORMS_RECORD_GROUP_MAX for the use of autoconfig.
cp $AD_TOP/admin/template/APPLSYS_ux.env $AD_TOP/admin/template/custom/APPLSYS_ux.env
- Open newly copied $AD_TOP/admin/template/custom/APPLSYS_ux.env and add the following 2 at the end of the file.

  • Run autoconfig
It is already document actually, but when I saw the document first , I just said it is utopic.. On the other hand, I tried and saw that it works and it is also applicable for servlet mode.
Forms Process (FRMWEB) Consumes 100% of CPU in Oracle Applications R12 (Doc ID 745711.1)

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