Friday, September 11, 2015

ASM / Grid 11g -- Resync vs Rebalance

I wrote an article about Asm Resilvering vs Asm Rebalance in one of my previous post

In this post, I will explain the difference between Asm Resync vs Asm Rebalance shortly.
Nowadays, I can't post several blog posts like I have done in the previous month, because I m working on a Book which will be released in Jan 2016 .
So that's why I can write to several blog articles and, when I m able to write them, I need to keep them short in these days:)

Anyways, "the difference between Asm resyncing and rebalancing" was a question posted by one of the followers in Exadata Facebook group; and here is the answer for that:

Their usages are different and can be compared by examining the fast disk resync and fast rebalance operations introduced in 11g
Resync is something like syncronizing the disks with the data that should reside on them. (can be used on transient failure ) (ASM 11g New Features - How ASM Disk Resync Works. (Doc ID 466326.1))
Rebalancing is something like spreading the data evenly across all  thedisks in a disk group. (can be used on a disk replace operation)

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