Tuesday, September 15, 2015

EBS 12.2 -- The new Simplified Home Page

EBS 12.2 has a UI feature that looks really nice. Discovered it recently. Don't ask why so late :) It is probably becausea we are too busy in the backend, so can't find time to navigate in the Application Screens :)

Anyways, the simplified Home page introduced in EBS 12.2 make you feel like you are in an Ipad application..

Here is how the home page looks after enabling the simplified home page in EBS 12.2:

Pretty cool right:) ? It just does not look like an EBS webpage :)

Well here is the key for enabling it:

That is;
In order to use this feature, The "Self Service Personal Home Page Mode" profile must be set to
"Framework Simplified"
After setting this profile option , you can relogin and start the use this simplified Homepage.

Note that : the profile option can be set at multiple levels by the system administrator, including at the individual user level.

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