Wednesday, September 30, 2015

EBS 12.2 -- what if we apply a patch with hotpatch option, if that patch is not suitable to be applied as hotpatch?

If not stated by an Oracle Support document or by any Oracle Document including Patch readme's, we just create online patching cycle and apply EBS 12.2 applicaiton patches online.
So what if we apply a patch with hotpatch option, if that patch was not suitable for this?

First of all, these patches are considered as unsafe patches. They are not tested by Oracle and probably not suitable for applying directly in to the run filesystem while the application services are running.

The answer for the question, on the other hand; is simple. We just take the risk and need to be prepared for the followings ;
  • invalid objects, missing code dependencies 
  • mismatches between code level of file system and database 
  • missing column data, or other data integrity problems 
  • out-of-date indexes and materialized view definitions 
  • invalid data in runtime caches

So, hotpatches was maybe more stable in EBS 12.1 or we thought that they were stable as maybe we didn't know the problems that users was expriencing while we were patching the system with an hopatch. 
But in EBS 12.2, the effects are on system-wide as you see in the above list.

Well..At the bottom line, that's why I wan to remind that it is not safe to apply a patch with hopatch option in EBS 12.2 -- unless it is stated by Oracle Support Documents or patch read me files.

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