Monday, October 5, 2015

EBS 12.2 / Discoverer 11g --- problem running EBS and Discoverver on the same server by the same OS user

Using Discoverer 11g and EBS 12.2 from the same OS user is something we do not recommend.
As both of these two applications has running on top of their built-in Weblogic Application Servers, the environment may be a problem.
Of course we may have seperate environment using seperate environment scripts prepared according to the application we want to administer. (actually such a script is delivered by EBS 12.2, -- EBSapps.env script)
On the other hand, there is still no need to have only one user for 2 seperate products.

Following is a result of a conflicted environment, where Weblogic Application Server of the Discoverer 11g can not find its standard classes.
The error is clear and shown in the browser , when trying to reach the Discoverer login page.
As depicted in figure below, it is obvious that Weblogic application server of the Discoverer 11g can not find its classes. That is, the error in the top of the error stack "NoClassDefFoundError",  is so clear.

Note that, this error may also be arised even if we set the Weblogic environment using setDomain.env script before starting the Weblogic Application Server of the Discoverer 11g.
That s because the environment variables that EBS sets may harm te Discoverer ' s nature.
Also some of the environment variables are used both by EBS and Discoverer. Moreover, these environment variables may be set by appending their current values such as CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/blfbbvbv/lbvb ..
So, contention is the result.

Well. You get the point. Also I want to keep it short :)
The fix in such a scenarios, is to have a proper environment by unsetting all the environment variables and setting it for the application we want to administer accordingly.

It is already documented in Support Note:
Unable to Access Discoverer Plus/Viewer 11g Installed On Server Having EBS 11i / R12 (Doc ID 1338244.1)

I just saw it in action..

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