Friday, October 16, 2015

EBS 12.2 -- OPM Pre Processor Signal 6 and Signal 11

You may encounter Signal 11 and Signal 6 while running OPM Pre Processor in EBS 12.2.
Especially, if you are in Oracle VM environment and if you have imported Oracle VM Machine templates to build you EBS environment, then you will likely encounter this problem.
Signal 11 is a memory pointer error. That is, if an application process try to reach a memory region that is not in its memory list, in other words if an application process try to reach a memory which is not permitted , then it will get a Signal 11 in Linux.
Such problems may be caused by the code itself or by the data or even by the Os limits.

On the other hand; EBS 12.2.4 is the latest of EBS and when you are in EBS 12.2.4, it means you are recommended code level. This takes away the probability of the cause being the code. Even if it is in the code, the issue is unknown in Oracle Side, as all the signal 11-related Oracle Documents states that they are waiting for the first Signal 11 issue to be occured in EBS 12.2. So it is unknown.

Normally, In order to diagnose such an signal error, we should be following the action below.
  • Enable Debugging. (Using Debug mode (GMF_CONC_DEBUG) to analyze OPM Financial Processes (Doc ID 230743.1))
  • Increase the limits (ulimit) (Signal 11 and Memory-Related Errors in OPM Financials Executables (Doc ID 1396727.1))
  • Check the patch level of the related products (GMF ve OPM) . (Signal 11and Memory-Related Errors in OPM Financials Executables (Doc ID 1396727.1)) If the products are not at the latest patch level, then upgrade them.
  • Open an SR, Oracle Support will quickly respond in such situations. (Signal 11 and Memory-Related Errors in OPM Financials Executables (Doc ID 1396727.1))
  • Make the relevant process deal with portion of data, rather than dealing the whole of the data. As, there are issues resolved in community using this method. (processing one by one ( Inventory, Production , Costin , Purchasing etc )
Signal 6 means abort, in order to get rid of this, we just need to ulimit increase the ulimits.
The memory, lock memory and stack memory limits should be increased in this manner.

Of course, after increasing these limits, we should relogin to OS and restart the application accordingly.
After restarting it is good to check an application process and  see if it takes te appropriate limits. (we can use /proc filesystem for this.)..

So , after setting the limits and getting rid of the Signal 6 or Signal 11 error, you may encounter java heap errors in the related concurrent processes. The solution for this is to increase the java heap values. Using the concurrent program define screen, we can set these limits by writing  -mx2048 -ms 2048 (or bigger values) into the textbox labeled as Options.

Note that: We have seen in this in Real life, and the solution we have applied was increasing the ulimit values and java heap spaces. 
But there is important point though, it is not easy to increase the ulimits in OEL 6 and Redhat 6.. It is just not anymore.. Be careful, there are scripts that overwrites your settings.. 
Tip: Check the scripts in /etc/security/limits.d :)
In Oracle Linux --> oracle-ebs-server-R12-preinstall.conf .. Make your ulimits setting in this file..

Well, that's enough for today .Have a good weekend.

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