Wednesday, November 11, 2015

EBS -- Java plugin runtime parameter for a faster Java client

When we open a Forms based EBS application, a Java applet gets started  and Forms interfaces starts running on our clients.
So, when we want to use Forms based EBS application, we just wait for that applet to be opened and Forms jar files (if not located in client cache) to be downloaded by Java .
In order to increase the speed of this process, we can use the Runtime Parameters and increase the default heapsizes of our client's JRE environment as depicted in the picture below. (Windows Start Menut > Control Panel > Java)

As shown in picture above and just like we do in server side Java , we increase the heap sizes and determine a more stable and faster client side java. Note that: it is acceptable to set Xmx as 1024MB and Xms as 512MB, considering your client machines have sufficient memory.

Well, this is the tip of the day. Nowadays, I just give some little but important tips. That is I cant write long stories in here, because I m writing a book and as it is reaching the deadline. Soon(after 15th of January,), my posts will be like the way they were.. I hope :)

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