Monday, December 28, 2015

EBS 12.0-- Context file problems due to bug 4585869 /Windows

While migrating an EBS 12.0.4 from Windows to Linux, we encountered a weird problem while running
The error was in It was giving an error like "BAD NAME... PATH"..

The problem was in the CONTEXT_FILE. That is, some of the values in database CONTEXT_FILE were written wrongly. The xml tags such as xmlparser were including % characters . 
It was like "D:\oracle\PROD\database\11.2.0\%appsutil%/%java%...................... "

The problem was due to 4585869 (XMLPrintDriver.close() does not close the handle properly).

To solve this problem;

We applied patch 4585869 in to the 10.1.3 Oracle Home, then recreated the appsutil and transferred the newly created to the database server. In the database server; using the new delivered with new, we recreated the CONTEXT_FILE and executed autoconfig once again.

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