Monday, December 28, 2015

EBS -- Querying Workflow Timeouts from backend

Workflow timeout configurations are normally done and seen using Workflow builder, but here is a query for querying the workflow timeout configuration directly from the database.

select pa.process_item_type, pa.process_name, pa.process_version, pa.activity_item_type, pa.activity_name, erm.value_type, erm.text_value, erm.number_value
from wf_process_activities pa,wf_activity_attr_values erm
where pa.process_item_type = '<PUT_YOUR_ITEM_TYPE_HERE>'
and erm.process_activity_id = pa.instance_id and = '#TIMEOUT'
and process_name = 'AME_REQUEST_APPROVAL_PROCESS'order by process_version

This query produces an output like the following;

The number_value is the timeouts which we are interested in, in this example... (note that number value is stored in minutes)
Also, we can go one step further and modify the timeout values from the database using the relevant APIS. Altough it will be an unsupported move, it seems applicable.

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