Monday, March 14, 2016

EBS 12.2 -- EBS Weblogic administration -- AD scripts or Weblogic Console?

Altough it is not so certain in the Oracle Support, or in Oracle documents, Oracle development recommends using AD scripts (for ex: to manage/control the EBS 12.2 Weblogic components. In this manner, if we need to restart oacore_server1, we need to execute .
On the other hand, FMW and Weblogic delivers an administration console utility called Weblogic Administrator Console and we can also restart EBS managed server using it.
Well, we have done 5 EBS 12.2 projects and currently have 4 EBS 12.2 support customers currently. To be honest, we restarted EBS managed server using weblogic console most of the time. We have restarted oacore after a hang caused by not having some resources, we have restart oacore caused by a development issue and we have done all these restarts using weblogic console. It is interesting that, we haven't encounter an issue altough we have done this activity using weblogic console approx. 1000 time until now.

Why Oracle development recommends this?

AD scripts does the following;
validation checks (for examle, they check, if the latest FORMSAPP.EAR is deployed)
sync the related changes between context file and weblogic conf files.

The flow of AD scripts follows is almost as follows;

For example:

AD script -> ->, then
AD script - > ->

What do oracle documents say?

The document:

The statement:

Commands to Manage Oracle E-Business Suite Service Processes
• Commands for managing processes on the Applications tier
The adstrtal and adstpall scripts can be used to start and stop all the
AutoConfig-managed application tier services in a single operation. Alternatively, it
is possible to administer the individual services separately using their respective
service control scripts. !!!" The oacore, oafm, forms and forms-c4ws services can also be
managed by starting and stopping the respective managed servers via the
WebLogic Server Administration Console.

So would we still use Weblogic Console for these kinds of operations?

I still think that, Weblogic Console can be used. This is becasue dependency checks done by the AD scripts do not break the script execution, which make these checks not so important, in my opinion.
So, if we need a general summary;
I can say that,, when the environment is stable (no recent patches, no recent autoconfig changes), weblogic console can be used for managing EBS weblogic components. On the other hand, if there are recent changes in context file or in the FMW directory structure caused by let's say patching, then AD scripts should be used.

In my opinion AD scripts are recommended, but Weblogic Console can also be used for managing EBS 12.2 weblogic components.

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  1. Thank you for educating us on Oracle development recommends using AD scripts to manage/control the EBS 12.2 Weblogic components.I read your posts in part of my weblogic training thank you.


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