Tuesday, March 8, 2016

EBS-- Cloud and EBS, Oracle Applications Unlimited

Cloud applications have started to be mentioned in every meeting and the questions like "Will EBS will be a history soon?" or "Will Oracle stop investing on applications like EBS?" come to our minds, an the answer is delivered by Oracle under the title of Oracle Applications Unlimited.
It seem as long as the Customer will use the EBS , Oracle will continue to enhance and support EBS.
Cloud application will continue to enhance , too. Application like EBS can coexist with the cloud application as well.

Here is the phrase;

"Oracle Applications Unlimited is Oracle's commitment to continuously innovate in current applications while also delivering the next generation of Cloud applications"

Check this pdf for more details -> 

Check Oracle Applications unlimited  for further details->

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Lastly, here is a consolidated info for the EBS support dates;

Currently, it is stated that, EBS 12.2's premier support will end on Sep 2018 and the extended support will be till 2021. After the year 2021,  EBS 12.2 will be on sustaining support.
EBS 11.5.10 and 12.0 are already on sustaining support. 
EBS 12.1's premier support will end on Dec 2016 and  EBS 12.1 will be on extended support till Dec 2019. (these dates includes exceptions as well)

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