Thursday, March 3, 2016

ODA X5-2 , Oracle Database support, ACFS

The minimum supported database version in ODA X5-2 is On the other hand, when you deploy ODA X5-2  (for instance a bare metal deployment), you will have a Grid 12c , also you can have a 12C rdbms using oakcli commands.
so in order to use with the Grid 12c provided with the ODA deployment, you have to download  End User RDBMS Clone file for Patch 14777276. You have to unpack it using oakcli and create the dbhome and the database using oakcli commands.
Altough the diskgroups delivered with ODA X5-2 are compatible with 12c only. (compatible.asm and compatible.rdbms are set to 12c), as ODA X5-2 uses ACFS for the filesystem, it is not a problem for having for storing files on them.

Note that, In  ODA X5-2 , we have HDDs, cache SSDs and log SSDs at the bottom. ASM diskGroup reside on top of these disks and ACFS filesystems on the top of these ASM diskGroups..

Also note that, when you deploy ODA X5-2 and if you dont create an initial database during you deployment, then you will have no ACFS(for storing database files) on your ODA X5-2 machine.
But, it is not a problem, as the ACFS volumes and mount points will be created  automatically when you create your first database using oakcli.

Additional info: ODA versions/Release Dates

ODA V1 released on Oct 2011, ODA X3-2 on released Mar 2013, ODA X4-2 on released Dec 2013 and ODA X5-2 released on Feb 2015.

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