Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ODA X5- Bare Metal Deployment , oakcli deploy , Appliance Manager screens

Just finished deployment of ODA X5 bare metal and following are my notes;

  • deployment takes approx. 1 hour to complete.
  • Cabling is important, after cabling and validating storage, you are good to go with the oakcli unpack and oakcli deploy operations.
  • Color codes are not important , but the paths described in the deployment guide and the ODA poster must be the same.
  • Before configuring the firstnet (oakcli firsnet), network cables should be there on net0 and net1 ports of both of the oda compute nodes.
  • firstnet should be run twice, once on node 0 and then once on node1.
  • scan ips are also important so that scan ips and scan names should be configured on Dns, before starting the oakcli deploy.

  • Typical installation seems sufficient.
  • ILOM addresses are gathered automatically from Dhcp, so after the installation , you can find the these dhcp ILOM addresses by ipmitool.
  • Nothing more, just give the inputs to the Appliance Manager and wait.
  • Almost forgot, the latest ODA software version, such as deploys an 12c Grid Home and sets the rdbms compatible diskgroup parameters of the Disk Groups to 12c.. This parameter can not be changed to a lower value, that's why be prepared for it.

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