Monday, April 18, 2016

EBS 11i/R12 - XML publisher, bursting , barcode and xdo.cfg

The XML publisher uses the mapping defined in xdo.cfg file when producing outputs with barcodes. So, to get font mappings in Bursting one has to use xdo.cfg, rather than the Administration settings.

Note that: XML/BI Publisher's bursting engine accepts a data stream and splits it based on multiple criteria, generates output based on a template, then delivers the individual documents through the delivery channel of choice.

If those mappings are not in place, you can end up missing barcodes, our numbers displayed rather than barcodes characters in your Xml publisher based outputs, such as PDF outputs.

In order to have a proper barcode output,

1)Fonts for displaying the barcodes(3of9.ttf) should be available in $AF_JRE_TOP/jre/lib/fonts (11i) or $AF_JRE_TOP/lib/fonts (R12)
2)The required font mappingshould be done in xdo.cfg:
Example mapping:
<font family="3 of 9 Barcode" style="normal" weight="normal"><truetype path="/u01/jre/lib/fonts/3of9.ttf" />

-- The locations of xdo.cfg:
11i: under $AF_JRE_TOP/jre/lib R12.0 under $AF_JRE_TOP/lib
R12.1 under $XDO_TOP/resource
12.2 under fs_ne/EBSapps/appl/xdo/resource

The 2nd action may be necessary after any incidient that recreates or overwrites the xdo.cfg file.

In XML Publisher Bursting Barcode Font is Ignored (Doc ID 1136423.1)
Bursting in EBS XML Publisher Consolidated Reference (Doc ID 1574210.1)
What Is The Recommended Location Of Xdodelivery.cfg or XDO.cfg In An R12.2 Environment? (Doc ID 1915791.1)
Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher User's Guide Release

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