Friday, April 8, 2016

HP GEN9 servers- Oracle Linux 6.5, kernel panic, panic+0xc4/0x1e4, __perf_cgroup_move+0xe/0x20

It is important to check the Hardware certification web pages for minimum compatible OS-Hardware configuration before doing any Oracle Linux Installations.

In case of HP, it is required to check "HPE Servers Support & Certification Matrices- Oracle Linux
Minimum Operating System Requirements"  available via, as in here Oracle Linux 6.6 to 7.0 seems certified with HP DL 380 GEN 9 (for instance) --> the accurate information.

"The HPE Servers Support & Certification Matrices - Oracle Linux Certification and Support available" via the url: is a little misleading, as in here Oracle Linux 6 (without declaring any mininum version) seems certified with HP DL 380 GEN 9. (for instance) -> misleading information.

So, if you install Oracle Linux 6.5 to a HP DL 380 GEN9, you get a kernel panic, as it is not supported and certified .


Workarounds are possible ofcourse.
A workaround is to use Redhat compatible kernel, but we can't recommend using an unsupported OS-Hardware configuration.

So, as for installing Oracle Linux 6 and HP DL 380 GEN9, the minimum supported version is Oracle Linux 6.6.

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